Example Projects

Below are just a selection of sites we have worked on as examples.  If you would like to see more please Contact us


Chinese site

Bespoke Multi-lingual site (English/Chinese) designed to showcase the products of British companies in China. The site lists British companies and the products that they supply. There is a provision for various subscription packages for advertisers and a listing of relevant forthcoming events. The site detects the location of the user and displays the suitable language. Included is a complex bespoke CMS system allowing full user control of :

  • Site content
  • Menu item creation
  • Approval system for admin before new content is allowed to go live
  • Emails
  • Registrants and Companies

WW Commercial

Bespoke system for major Commercial Vehicle sellers designed to allow users to view vehicles available for sale.

Included in the site are the following : 

  • Vehicle adding
  • Client Contact system
  • Bespoke Email Marketing system
  • Landing Page creation

Job Costing System

Bespoke internal Job creation system Designed to allow the user to maintain Jobs.

Included on the site are the following: 

  • Purchase Order maintenance and generation
  • Delivery/Invoice maintenance and generation
  • Complex reporting system.
  • Employee/Customers/Stock maintenance

Everso Catering

A JOOMLA site developed to the Graphic Designers PSD.  Starting from a basic Joomla layout this site involved switching design for certain pages to create a blog section (Everso World) with a different layout to the rest of the site.  It also involved a complex, bespoke menu. based on a standard concertina menu it was heavily customised to the Designers plan.


A Joomla site designed and developed by us to the clients request for something smart and professional but not corporate as it is aimed at children, young people and parents.  

The site is fully responsive for tablets and mobiles.

Cintamani Valbonne

Built to the designers specification using customised Joomla CMS software for easy maintenance.

All content and product pages on the site are managed via the front end by the client.

HiLux Owners Club

A new home page produced quickly from the supplied PSD to replace the old CMS site and linking to external pages.

The site is a fully responsive HTML/CSS site.


A highly customised and stylised Joomla CMS website. constructed from Designers supplied PSD.  

The site features secure client login area for file uploading, integrated newsletter management and blog pages.

Compostable Bags

A Joomla site created from a supplied PSD.  The site incorporates Hika Shop e-commerce functionality with integrated PayPal payments.

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